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Video CDN

Project: Video CDN

Internet video is hot today. User generated content, live streams, webTV, IPTV, Catchup TV, even High Definition content can't be delivered without advanced Content Delivery Network technology.

We cooperate with Jet-Stream BV creator of market leading technology to deploy and operate professional Content Delivery Network. Their product - VideoExchange (VDO-X) is advanced CDN deployment, management and provisioning software. Setup and operate a professional content distribution network without years of training, in any IP network. Optimize traffic flow, offload bottlenecks, control assets distribution, significantly improve customer's quality of experience (QoE). Introduce advanced services to your portfolio.

If you want to see how advanced CDN service works please visit Jet-Stream true pan-European Streamzilla CDN.


the Open Source web video player!

bitplayer is the video player for the Web released under a standard GPL license - our first Open Source project. This initiative encompassing the use of open standards, best practices, and established development methodologies in the development of media player application. You can use it to embed video streams into your web pages. Created for site owners, developers and serious programmers.

Flash technology used in this project ensures that 98% of all Internet users can see your videos. Highly skinnable, extendable and documented. Please join our community and help develop the best web video player on The Planet!

We welcome your feedback, contributions and ideas:)

Polish Film School

Project: Polish Film School

We made one of the first in Poland VOD service using Microsoft DRM technology dedicated to celebrating of 50 Years of Polish Film School - an informal group of Polish film directors and screenplay writers active between 1955 and approximately 1965.

The group was under heavy influence of Italian neorealists. It took advantage of the liberal changes in Poland after the 1956 to portray the complexity of Polish history during World War II and German occupation. The political changes allowed the group to speak more openly of the recent history of Poland. However, the rule of censorship was still strong when it comes to history after 1945 and there were very few films on the contemporary events.

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Our new baby :) will be online soon !

We are working hard and develop the Online Video Platform which provides cutting edge technology for creating and managing broadband video channels, building audience through user oriented online viewing experience and generating revenue by advertising or by commerce. We intend to build  the world class online video / Internet TV / CDN platform without hiring a lot of people. From our experience, we believe that it is nearly always a small team of dedicated people that builds the most innovative products.

Please drop us a line if you are interested in this project.

OFF Camera

Project: OFF Camera

What we did on this project: design, development, CMS platform, mobile video platform.

We created dedicated site for OFF CAMERA 2009 and 2010 the International Festival of Independent Cinema in Kraków. The most Interesting part of this project was implementation of mobile video platform in order to organize contest for the best short movie created with use of mobile phone.

Site was up and running in 60 days!

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about bitlife

we are online media experts

We are young and challenging start-up founded by industry veterans and well funded by business angels. We are a pretty easy-going bunch, we all like each other and try to have a bit of fun while we work. Don’t let it fool you though. All of us at bitlife are passionate about what we do and take the quality of our work very seriously.

We intend to build a world class online video / Internet TV platform without hiring a lot of people. Our Online Video Platform provides innovative cutting edge technology for creating and managing broadband video channels, building audience through user oriented online viewing experience and generating revenue by advertising or by commerce.

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No doubt you have lots of questions about Bitlife and your project requirements. Get in touch. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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